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What Beyond Valor Is All About

Beyond Valor is Morse Family Ministries Inc.’s military/veteran program designed to help reintegrate military personnel and their families back to the civilian sector. We provide comprehensive training for local churches to provide a strong, stable platform for our veterans to find the healing they need physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Problems faced by Veterans

Military veterans and their families are largely forgotten in our society as they fall between the cracks of services for help. We do not believe this is intentional. However, most of us do not realize the vast difference between military and civilian life. While some transition very easily, some never do.

Unfortunately, many of our service members either do not qualify for VA benefits, or they don’t know how to navigate the highly complex VA system once released from service. Worse, many of our younger veterans do not see injuries related to their service until much later in life when they have no ability to connect them back to their service.

This reinforces the crucial need to follow up once they are discharged. Sadly, there are little to no services to help in this transition. Military personnel have the highest rates of divorce, unacceptable suicide, and homelessness rates in the country. 

We Can Help 

Connecting Veterans 

The body of Christ can be unaware of the needs of our injured veterans for seemingly small things but problematic enough to keep them out of fellowship and church services, such as the need to sit near a door or exit. Many cannot tolerate touch or being startled. Some are in severe pain from injuries; most can’t hear well from enduring explosions, causing extremely loud music to be painful.

Spouses and children need a high level of attention in the church and a place where they can find counsel and comfort while managing their injured family. Children can be traumatized by the absence of one parent for long periods of time just to be reunified with a very injured and sick parent.

We here at Morse Family Ministries Inc. have an extensive military background and are confident that the church and body of Christ are well able to meet these needs. We are ready to receive our nation’s finest when they are ready to come home. 

Programs Offered 

1.Comprehensive Training for Support Ministry Volunteers

2.Didactic and Process Group Facilitation

3.PTSD-Specific Training

4.Community Support Referral for Veterans Support Officers (VSO)

5.VA Connections for Training/Education/Disability

6.Referral Source for Suicide Training and Prevention

7.Community Resource Referral

8.Family Support Connections

9.Reintegration Family Support Services (Depending on Your Location)

We can also provide specialized training for specific needs as requested. For further information, contact us in Minnesota or Texas.

Additional Information 

Please contact us for current program information

Beyond Valor Chat

Beyond Valor Chat forum is up and running.  We have established a private forum as an alternative to social media.  BVC is an easy to navigate private forum for Veterans, their spouses and families.  We offer private rooms for confidential conversations, answers to difficult questions, all with the level of privacy you are comfortable with.  Pull up a chair, meet our moderators  and join in the conversation.  

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