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Operation Recovery 

in Motion

Operation Recovery is at the heart of Morse Family Ministries mission to the lost. After more than 25 years of education and practice in the addiction field, we have learned that the key to overcoming addiction is building strong, long-term support systems.
The secular community support available in most communities is expensive and/or ineffective, a problem that often leads to relapse leaving the individual defeated and at risk of returning to an addictive lifestyle absent of hope and future

What the Problem Is

Over the years, we have seen only a few strong programs in the local church. The programs available tend to be staffed with professional individuals skilled in addiction but restricted due to credentialing regulations prohibiting the development of spirituality. Some are successful and do a phenomenal job at facilitating aftercare/community support style help for the addict, but these programs are typically the exception.

In addition, most small community churches struggle to organize and maintain a group that is effective and orderly. They are staffed with volunteers that are passionate but inexperienced in ministering and leading individuals that are attempting to navigate sober living and often combined with new Christian living.

Sadly, far to many of these these groups are short-lived and disbanded despite the volunteers who are clearly called to minister to the broken and addicted.

Problem Solving  

The need for community support has been a well-hidden secret for decades. For one addiction therapist, the greatest struggle was finding appropriate self-help, long-term aftercare, which is crucial to maintain recovery and clinically required by law upon discharge from a clinical treatment program.

Despite the fact that there are professional programs that offer up to 6 weeks of intensive aftercare, most patients find themselves seeking aftercare from "anonymous" 
type groups due to lack of funds or geographical challenges

With more than 30,000 people dying from opioid addiction alone in 2018, we believe that we, as a church and a professional community of Christians, must step up to the call and bring together our skills and gifts to reach out to people who sit in the darkness addiction produces. We know the way out. We are the help.  

What We Are Currently Doing 

Building a comprehensive long-term self-help aftercare recovery program is not as difficult as it seems. Volunteers are well able to facilitate and maintain support ministries with training in a few key areas, such as assessment, referral, group facilitation, and
leadership development.

In addition, we provide access to educational tools in areas, such as co-dependency, enabling, anger management, and life skills management. If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation, contact us in either Minnesota or Texas.

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