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The recidivism rate in our country is at an alarming high. As high as 70 to 85 percent will re-offend within the first year of release.  The complicated and unforgiving world we live in today is a set up for failure for many individuals under the scrutiny of supervision.   Community "HELP" programs are inefficient, expensive and limited for those with learning disabilities or poor education backgrounds.  Many times simply being equipped to read an instruction form means the difference between success and failure.


Navigations is a fully comprehensive self-help aftercare and long term maintenance program for individuals remanded to community supervision or releasing from federal or state incarceration.  

Our mission is empowering reintegration by giving the clients crucial tools to be successful as they build new crime free lifestyles consistent with federal and state requirements for supervision.  We also assist clients with family reunification and stabilization of transition.  Navigations utilizes a wide array of community assistant tools to accomplish the goal of returning individuals to a healthy lifestyle. 

Assistance for a successful reentry:

  • Probation and Parole case management referral source for community supervision management.
  • Long-Term Sobriety support 
  • Medical and housing assistance
  • Referral management for Mental Health
  • Veterans Court referral management

Life skills Education 

  • Education
  • Money management
  • Employment
  • Child support/ reunification
  • Sex Offender Advocacy 
  • Changing world (most inmates that have been incarcerated more than 10 years have great challenges with electronic devices, driving, etc. Volunteers will be trained in sensitivity training to teach basic living skills in the 21st century.

Our Services

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Self-Help long-term aftercare.  Sobriety maintenance is crucial for successful recovery.   We provide relapse prevention, community support, drug/alcohol testing


Sex Offender long-term behavior modification for offenders to include anger management.  Community support education for offenders to maintain abstinence and recovery from offending lifestyle. 


Educational support for abused and traumatized abuse victims.  Community support for long term support to facilitate recovery and a stabilized lifestyle.  


Our Programs Strive to build bridges from the secular community to the Christian community, overlapping services to treat the whole person, body - mind-spirit.   We use every secular, professional and spiritual resource available to empower health and wellness. 

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