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What Support Ministries Is All About

Support Ministries is a group of professionals who are passionate about helping build strong, ethical support programs in local churches. We do this by training up ministers and volunteers.  We believe that our skills and talents obtained in the secular sector when combined with the power of the Word of God can benefit and enhance the body of Christ by equipping the local churches and  leadership by reaching out to the hurting communities of our cities and nation with help that will change hearts, restore families, and save lives. 

Who We Are

Support Ministries, in conjunction with Morse Family Ministries Inc., is an organized group of professionals coming together to bring their expertise, gifts, and skills to serve and bless the body of Christ in a dynamic new style. Paul tells us in I Corinthians 14:26 to each bring our gifts with us when we come together to build up the church. These are often thought of as spiritual gifts, but we believe they are all gifts.

What We Do

We develop and implement a "Helps" Support Ministry in the local churches by training and educating volunteers and church leadership in group dynamic, leadership development, referral in conjunction with federal and state law.  We stand up new programming, consult on problem areas, and repurpose abandoned or ineffective current programs to come alongside the vision and mission of the ministry and strengthen the body through education and personal/family support.

School of Fire

Self Help Facilitator's Educational Program


Types of Self-Help Facilitation Training Offered

This type of ministry can typically be formed for any educational and/or support of the following:

      • Addiction
      • Grief
      • Depression
      • PTSD
      • Prayer
      • Mood disorders
  • Probation/Parole
  • Corrections Reintegration 
  • Community Outreach

Support Ministries is any group specific to your geographical area or people group. Traditionally, these ministries are designed to support the local church, but any Christian organized ministry geared to reach the lost can utilize and benefit from our ministry services.

How It Works

Morse Family Ministries Inc. will assess your needs and appoint a team to work directly with your leaders to design programs specific to your church's
demographics and mission.

Who We Serve

We are in the service of any church organized for Christianity. We are not doctrine-specific purposely, so we can remain diverse and user-friendly to all denominations that serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Our organization believes we can stay within the bounds of agreement and work together as the body of Christ to seek and save the lost and give them refuge when we find them.

Where Your Donations Go

The Morse Family Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and the leadership receives no compensation for our service.

The donations, however, are an investment in the lost and future generations ravaged by addiction and pain. A hundred percent of your investments in the lost go directly to building programs to serve them. All donations are tax-deductible.

For more information on donations and how to get involved with our organization, contact us in Minnesota or Texas via
phone or email.


How to Qualify

We serve all Christian organized ministries.  The only qualification is to have a need for support services.  Contact us for more information on our long distance learning and starter kits. 

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