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Keeping the hands, feet and the head warm can be a great help to avoiding hypothermia and keeping the body temperature stable. 

  • Bulk Adult Gloves           39 @ $24.00
  • Bulk Kids Gloves             12 @ $19.00
  • Bulk Adult Beanie Hats   72 @ $118.00
  • Bulk Children's Hats        24 @ $25.00
  • Bulk Adult Socks              48 @ $81.00
  • Bulk Children's Socks      10 @ $10.50
  • Bulk scarfs Adult              48 @ $109.00
  • Adult coats                        01@ $20.00
  • Child Coat                             Varies


Disposable Containers 

bulk 25 sets 


Mercy Bags

Bulk 50 


Printing and Marketing Supplies  



Menu Items

Fresh Fruit 

Market Value 


Vegetables & Beef for Soup 

Market Value 


Bread - Peanut Butter and Jelly

Market Value 


Jesus Stopped By 

Morse Family MInistries Inc. has produced a simple easy to read extended mini book on salvation for the lost and restoration for those that have wondered away.  

We have been blessed with a phenomenal printing price of 

100 copies for $129.00.

We would like to get a copy in every home in our area.  

If you would like to order for your church or neighborhood they are avaialbe at cost and we will have them shipped directly to you from our publisher.  

Please Click on the Order Book Tab 

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